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Individual, Sibling, and Family Play Based Clinical Sessions with Children

jennifer lynne walker and associates - individual and family play based therapy

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or isolated on your parenting journey?

  • Noticing your child is struggling with frequent meltdowns of outbursts?

  • Stuck in patterns of reaction (yelling, correcting, negotiating)?

  • Feeling overwhelmed as a parent and/or worried about your child’s wellness?

We’re here to help your family THRIVE

Our goal is to welcome children in the midst of their learning, growing & feeling. We love those big feelings & messy moments. In quiet connections made through play and interactive sessions in the office, children & families can shift their patterns of reaction to response.  In growing a child's emotional intelligence and teaching a family about co-regulation - it is our privilege to support the growth of strong and healthy families.  As we connect with parents and explore family patterns & belief structures - it is our responsibility to support growth, learning and wellness in caregivers.

When parents or children feel they are at their worst, it is our work to teach, to extend support, to build rapport and create connection within the family.

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