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Individual Parent Sessions, Co-Parenting Sessions & Early Parenting Calls

Online or In-Person Appointments Available

jennifer lynne walker - parenting sessions

Are you...

  • A new parent, struggling to hang on to YOURself along the way?

  • Young parents experiencing the turbulence of toddlers or transition to daycare/school?

  • Working through a recent separation?

  • Building a co-parenting relationship with a shared access schedule for your children?

  • Growing new connections in a blended family?

Every family dynamic deserves support

It is my heart's work to support young children & their families as they navigate the changes and challenges through life.  I offer play based clinical sessions for young children and their parents to support early parenting growth and connection. Children experience the playroom office through exploration, conversation and movement. Our approach is rooted in connection & curiosity. Together we will collaborate to support your family's wellness & connection.


Our team supports children,  youth, parents and families through both individual and joint sessions.

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