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We always offer a brief & complimentary Consult Call - You get a chance to ‘get to know us’ a little and hear about our process, and we get a chance to hear your needs, hopes, worries or questions about counseling to ensure that our team is a strong fit for your family.

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Children don’t say “I had a hard day, can we talk?” They say “Will you play with me?”
— Lawrence Cohen

Our Team offers Daytime, After-School, Evenings & Sat Morning Sessions

We are happy to support Children & their families in-person, online, or during a walk around the Mill Pond in Milton, ON

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Community Partners
PlayFul Strides Therapy

(Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy)

Beyond The Classroom

(In-Home, One to One Tutoring)

Milton Tutoring Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my child is struggling, am I doing something wrong as a parent?
    It is brave to reach out for support. We remind parents all the time that "they've never done this before!" Our team chose to study, specialize and continue training in Children's Mental Health, Family Wellness, Child Development, Co-Regulation and Emotional Intelligence - it is our privilege to support a family's journey.
  • Is my child too young for counselling?
    Sometimes, yes. However - a child is never too young to learn, and with the help of a curious and connected parent, co-regulation and calm can be built at any age.
  • Aren't they 'just playing' when children come to your office?
    Play is a child's language. Play is grounding and calming for children. Play is unstructured, and child centered. Play is healing and therapeutic. Play is a form of communication when children are not yet language strong. Play is learning & exploring the world around you. Play is connection. Play is child led. Play is testing and checking limits, rules, patterns and responses. It's never 'just' play.
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