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jennifer lynne walker and associates childrens mental health and family counselling

Children's Mental Health & Family Counselling


We look forward to connecting and supporting you with...

Play based clinical sessions for young children & their parents or caregivers.


Early parenting support for young parents and families navigating birth, sibling rivalries, separations, blended families, loss and all the big feelings along the way.


Sibling sessions and parenting sessions for support & skill building along their journeys.

Ways We Can Work Together

jennifer lynne walker child therapy

Child Therapy

We’re here to help your child thrive. We offer play-based clinical sessions for individual children, siblings, or the whole family! Our team are experts in providing experiential and interactive support to help your child grow with calm and connection.

jennifer lynne walker parent support

Parent Support

Parenting is difficult. Connection and curiosity help. Let our team come alongside you, wherever you’re at in your parenting journey. We offer individual, partner, and co-parenting sessions, both in-person and virtually to suit your family’s unique needs.

jennifer lynne walker family sessions

Family Sessions

We want your family life to be as connected and calm as possible. Our team works with new parents, families, and siblings to support your family on the journey to becoming a cohesive unit. You don’t have to journey through family life alone - we're here to help!

Meet Jennifer!

I have worked with children my whole life! I began building my skills and strengths in connection and community at camp.


My journey from babysitting as a young child, to camp counselling and directing the camp grew my heart for supporting wellness in children.


I travelled abroad to learn, live and work with children in Zimbabwe & South Korea - returning home determined to support the growth and safety of children and their families. I worked in Child Welfare for more than 15 years while supporting families through loss, separation, adoption, education & transitions.


My almost 10 years in private practice has helped shift my work to pro-active wellness & children's mental health. As I meet with young children, new parents, blending families or teens - I am reminded of my heart’s work to support connection & growth.


Learning together about Emotional Intelligence, our Brain Body Connection, Mindfulness, Co-Regulation & Connection - we work toward wellness.

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